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So I just want to put this out there…

I’ve seen a couple/few people reblog me and Amy’s cosplays with comments on how they, themselves, don’t feel good enough and how they should throw in the towel.
I don’t know if this is meant as some awkward compliment but— it actually hurts. A lot. Matter…

I’m not a cosplayer but I feel like this is something that applies to all fandoms and every human being ever.

I’m probably going to get eaten alive over this but its just on my mind ya know?

I feel like in the whole fandom for the Bioware games, that people just get so emotionally invested in the characters and that they get very touchy. 

Now these games have very well written stories and fleshed out characters so, its very understandable that they can trigger such strong emotional responses. However, it is far too often that I see people attack others on my dash simply because they have a different opinion. Well, just think if someone ran up to your car and started cursing you out and insulting you as a person based on a bumper sticker you had. Of course they’re going to be just as aggressive right back to you.

These games are fun people. They’re an escape. Stirring up all this drama is quite the waste of your energy. I for one love discussing the various opinions on characters in this fandom. In fact, doing it in a civil fashion is quite easy and you may end up finding it fun. Yes, we all have some deeply rooted emotional connections to these characters but, that doesn’t mean you have to rip someone apart because they have different interpretations of that character or found an emotional connection to some other aspect of the game. 

Instead of attacking people maybe you should step back and take the time to see why people feel the way the do. Learning about different perspectives on things you love can prove to be very interesting and stimulating. And hey, in the process you may end up actually making a friend that isn’t an exact clone of yourself who can help you grow as a person.

Alright, I’ll step off my soapbox now.

Surprise apartment inspection. Hahahahaha. More like no, I’m dying of embarrassment.

Did the local news seriously just say their top story tonight is about a guy who believes that there are chupcabras running around in the cornfields?


Slow news today in the heartland.

I had a really romantic dream about Connor Kenway last night.

I’ve never even played Assassin’s Creed.